Babette Donaldson

With a B.A. in Creative Writing and another in Ceramic Art, it was only a small leap for Babette Donaldson to connect to the world of tea. “Working in the history and creation of teaware led to a fascination with fine teas.” And her love of storytelling found inspiration in the culture of tea around the world. Now, author of The Everything Healthy Tea Book, The Emma Lea Books and an activity book, Fun With Tea and one of the organizers of the first San Francisco Tea Festival has just launched The International Tea Sippers Society.

Her experience presenting introductory classes, giving talks and meeting people at her book signings made her realize the need for a community like ITSS. “I’m always drawn to tea people who are beginning the tea journey. My favorite teaching moments are when sippers first realize how connected the world is through the experience of tea. Tea Sippers is my way of putting out a welcome mat with a guide – beyond the basics of brewing the leaf.”

Donaldson is happy to share her expertise and her enthusiasm with all ages and in all venues – from Kindergartners to Seniors in retirement homes – on college campuses and municipal recreation centers to investment banking programs. “It’s amazing how much the subject of tea can be customized to fit every interest. Bankers are always shocked by prices paid for extremely rare teas and Kindergartners are spellbound as they watch the leaves unfold and hear the ancient legends.”

Her fourteen years in the industry are woven together to create ITSS. With a goal to support tea businesses and entertain all interest levels, everyone can connect with her trademarked slogan, It’s Hip To Sip!

Class Description

Babette Donaldson, author of The Everything Healthy Tea Book, will on three areas of tea and health: Caffeine, Cancer & Cardio. Giving one of her most popular talks, she will present an easy to understand thumbnail of what thousands of years of health history knows about the benefits of Camellia sinensis (the true tea plant) as well as the way in which we brew many herbs and spices in the practice of “teatime”. Additionally, this session will explore some of the benefits beyond medical research that sharing a cup of tea adds to our fast-paced lifestyles.

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